Spooky Dock Decor for Halloween

Oct 17, 2017 | Living On The Lake | 0 comments

Halloween is one of the best holidays to decorate your boat and dock area. No matter how old you get, Halloween simply brings out the devious goblin and ghoul in us all. After all, why should the kids have all the fun? Create a bone chilling pirate ship or a ghastly ghost ship from your boat or pontoon! Then, tally up a guest list and invite your friends for a Halloween party they won’t soon forget. If you don’t own a boat, our affordable party barges and boat rentals are perfect for the occasion! Come along with us to explore some ideas on spooky dock decor for Halloween.


Whoever said light decorations are just for Christmas? Screw in some black lights, string a strand or two of festive orange lights. Spot or strobe lights are also a welcome decor. Please refrain from aiming strobe lights from incoming watercraft as it can block or distort their line vision to shore.


Just the right music as a backdrop to spooky Halloween decor can add an extra chill up your spine as your imagination runs away with you. So, we’ve dug deep to conjure up some soundtracks that will put some fright into your Halloween night.


Create an evil pumpkin display with a bit of carving and dry ice. No candles needed!

Skeletons and Skulls

Oh my, the things you can do with skeletons and skulls are simply fun and endless! These bones can put the character into your display. Dress them up like a pirate or islander. Display a feast from their chest cavity or pose them in precarious places and positions like:

  • Crawling up the side of boat

  • Climbing up a boat ladder

  • Coming out of the water

  • Lounging at the helm or sitting in chairs

  • Holding a bottle of rum  

  • Dangled from a noose or boat rail

Witch’s Cauldron

A VooDoo swamp witch cauldron is a versatile decoration with some added props. Additionally, it can brew up some tasty entertainment like a Witches’ Cauldron Punch. Decorate it up with an evil witch and dripping candles (for safety please use artificial), and a nearby ‘Book of Spells’.

Cobwebs, Creepy Crawlers and Glowsticks

If you want to elicit blood curling screams; cobwebs and creepy crawlers are a necessity. For a skin-crawling effect your guests won’t soon forget try this trick:

  1. Gently separate a bag of cobwebs

  2. Place them in glasses, jars or bowls

  3. Strategically place fake spiders, roaches, or other creepy crawlers inside

  4. Lastly, insert a glow stick 


Fog Machine

No Halloween on a boat is truly complete without a fog machine! Cast an eerie fog over the water and up sides of your boat – – giving it a spooky appearance of doom and mystery. Basic fog machines are fairly inexpensive to buy or rent, and some models have the ability to use different colors, angles and smells. These little gems are non-toxic and will surely put the finishing touch on your wet slip and boat decorations.


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