How To Come Up With A Good Boat Name

Nov 28, 2017 | Living On The Lake | 0 comments

You have finally scored that shiny new boat and now, you are itching to give it a fitting name. Sure, you want it to stand out and be different. And of course, reflecting your personality is an absolute must! But you’re just not sure where to start.

How to come up with a good boat name can often leave boat owner perplexed. So, we’ve outlined some basics for you to help you narrow things down a bit – and perhaps, save you from being the laughingstock of the yacht club.

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Keep it short and clean

Boat names should ideally be kept to 2 – 3 words. Four at most. And as much as that dirty little devil might creep into your beady little mind, please keep it clean from profanities and blatant sexual euphemisms. Remember that  water leisure fun is enjoyed by all walks of life – from the very young and impressionable tots to respectable seniors that would rather wash your mouth out than read it on your boat during a relaxing day on the lake.

Boat type

The name of your boat can often reflect the type of boat you have like Sailing Free is characteristic of sailboats. So on your quest to the perfect boat name, consider the type of boat you have and what it’s design is best used for. Here are some examples!

Fishing boats

Catching Dinner

Gone Fishin

Anglers Dream

Bait Master

Speed Boats

Breaking Waves

Hot Pursuit

Silver Bullet

Wave Warrior

Sail Boats

Four Winds

Winds of Change


Sandy Shoals

Pontoon Boats

College Fund

Kids Inheritance

Spoiled Rotten

Stress Relief

Here comes trouble

Sometimes, the boat’s name just beckons trouble. For example, naming your boat ‘Drunk Again’ or ‘Whiskey Chaser’ will hail every law enforcement on the lake. If you don’t want to be on a first name basis with the USGC or local marine PD, then avoid these types of names at all cost.

Additionally, naming a boat is like getting a tattoo – you should think twice before naming your boat after your wife or mistress. Everything might seem smooth sailing on the home front now, but life happens.


Consider creating a name for your boat from inspiration or humor that has some special meaning to you. This type of name will surely bring a lasting smile to your face, a laugh or two from friends and fellow seaman, and light heart every time you leave port. Here are just a few to prime your pump:

  • Tides of Solitude

  • Greased Lightning

  • Grounds for Divorce

  • Fish Tales


For as long as ships have sailed the waters, it has been said that each vessel has been logged into the Ledger of the Deep by the gods of Neptune and Poseidon. Renaming a boat without first giving proper ceremonial practice to purging it’s old name from the Ledger of the Deep, is like trying to slide a fast one by the god’s – cursing the vessel to an unlucky fateful doom.


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