Can You Fish in Lake Travis?

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Lake Travis is one of six man made reservoirs in the chain of Highland Lakes. But it’s far from being just another pretty over-sized puddle of water! Spanning across 18,829 acres, Lake Travis is home to sixteen species of freshwater fish – surround by the most scenic and diverse landscaping in Texas. This little piece of heaven is a sun soaked fisherman’s paradise. Regardless if you’re throwing a line in from the shore, your boat or even bow-fishing – you can find fish for good eating or trophy in every part of Lake Travis including:

  • Florida Largemouth Bass

  • Buffalo Small Bass

  • Guadalupe Bass

  • Striped Bass

  • White Bass

  • Blue Tilapia

  • Channel Catfish

  • Flathead Catfish

  • Blue Catfish

  • Crappie

  • Blue Gill

  • Sunfish

  • Longnose Gar

  • Spotted Gar

  • Common Carp

  • Freshwater Drum

But finding the best secret fishing holes can sometimes be a trick. After all, they’re called secret for reason. Some angler struck fisherman’s gold and are not about to give up their treasure map easily! Your best bet is to hang out with the nearby locals and talk to our marina staff. There is however, some basic knowledge and tactics that will help you ascertain some choice fishing spots.

Bass are notorious for hanging out in drop-off’s, rocks, ledges, sunken logs, points and boat docks. During high water, you can find them along the flooded shore banks where vegetation is plentiful. White bass are readily found in creeks and the Pedernales River whereas striped bass are typically plentiful at the lower end of the lake. Catfish are found throughout the lake and channel ways. During the spring and fall months are best for bass fishing, as opposed to the hot summer months.

BONUS! – Bass and catfish populations are routinely tracked and stocked!

Knowing where to find fish is great! But if you’re out to fill a stringer line or land that elusive trophy bass, it’s best to do your research before leaving shore. The habitats and behaviors of fish change with elements like weather and water conditions. Save yourself a headache and plan to bring a little of this and that to allow for these changes.

Bass go nuts over suspended jerkbait, topwater baits and double willowleaf spinnerbaits with metal flake blades. If you choose live bait; minnows suspended under a cork is a sure winner. Stinkbait and cut bait are always a catfish’s delight.

While you can certainly find your fair share fishing spots along the 270 miles of Lake Travis shorelines, fishing by venue of a boat or pontoon will always provide optimum access to most fishing holes on the lake. Additionally, boating gives you the ability to move from spot to spot without packing up shop every time.

You can put your boat in the water at Northshore Marina boat ramp or plan to stay awhile at our boat slips. If you don’t have a boat but would like to enjoy all the fishing benefits boaters do, give our staff a call!

(512) 331-5375

We will be happy to book you and your guests an affordable boat rental of your choice.


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